At the Locks

5350 30th Avenue NW
Seattle, WA 98107


C-Dory's smallest model, the 16' Angler, is as tough and rugged as any 16 foot boat you will find.

It is simple, practical, and built to last with a construction method and lay-up schedule that's far superior to any other boat in its class. A C-Dory can handle very rough water and will withstand many years of an avid sportsman’s use.

A salty cabin affords plenty of protection from the elements.  This cabin sets C-Dory's 16' Angler model apart from the competition. Very few boats of this size offer a hard top cabin - and none as good looking or as ruggedly built as the C-Dory.

The Angler has the smaller cabin of the two 16 foot models. It’s also mounted fairly close to the bow, yielding a spacious 5' aft deck. A large lockable storage compartment is located ahead of the dash and two swiveling pedestal seats are mounted just behind it.

Now just imagine you and your buddy sitting inside the cabin with the seats facing aft for protection from the elements, and fishing away the day in comfort.

All boats come with a standard 5 year hull warranty

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